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Click play on any of our 4 stations if you experience any delay or stop in the broadcast, please reload the page.

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KQFO-100.1 FM La Raza
Format: Regional Mexicana
Demographic: 18-54

Live Streaming >>>

100.1 FM La RazaLive Streaming
00:00 / 01:04

KQFO-HD3 104.9 FM Fire
Format: Pop-Rhytmic
Demographics: 12-44

Live Streaming >>>

104.9 FM Fire KQFO-HD3Live Streaming
00:00 / 01:04

KZLY 99.5 FM La Kaliente
Format: Regional Mexicana
Demographic: 25-54

Live Streaming >>>

99.5 FM La Kaliente KZLYLive Streaming
00:00 / 01:04

KQFO-HD2  106.9 FM Magia
Format: Regional Mexicana Grupera
Demographic: 18-54

Live Streaming >>>

106.9 FM Magia KQFO-HD2Live Streaming
00:00 / 01:04

Radio reaches more people every day than any other medium!

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“The Power of Media Radio     Broadcasting”

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Eagle Media Group offer 4 distinct musical formats. The most compelling reason to advertise on the stations of Eagle Media Radio is Results!

We offer advertising opportunities for all 4 stations along with digital advertising such as Social media, Facebook, Google, and Youtube.

Let our marketing consultants assist you in selecting a plan that will bring you the best results!

For more information call our Sales Department at  (509) 579-4175
or email

The following pages will give you more information and coverage maps

for each of our 4 Eagle Media Radio Stations.


Local News, Local Sports, Weather, Live Remote Broadcasting, Live Video Streaming

Website Advertising, Social Media, RADIOBROADCASTING

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